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Aquatic Specialist | Aquatic Expert


Established in 2017, Aqua-Heaven offers a range of professional Aquatic Services. Some of these services include dedicated Aquarium Installation, Aquarium Maintenance, Fish tank Cleaning, Pond Building and Pond Repairs, Pond Cleaning and General Aquatic Maintenance.  


We’re dedicated to offering our customers all of the benefits of stunning ponds and beautiful aquariums without any of the hassle. In fact, we are best known for our unparalleled commitment to customer experience and satisfaction. We will go above and beyond if it means we can leave a smile on your face. 


At Aqua-Heaven, excellence comes as standard. Exceptional products and exceptional service are non-negotiable for us and our customers. It is this standard that has allowed us to grow into the business we are today.  


You could say - we want to bring you a slice of heaven to your own backyard. 




Aquariums have been scientifically proven to aid physical and mental health. Whether it’s the crystal clear shimmer, or its mesmerising inhabitants, an aquarium is a perfect companion to a tired mind of any age. 


Sit back, relax and watch a whole other world unfold before you. Aquariums may reduce anxiety and lower blood pressure, but the magic doesn’t stop there. 


Aquariums are a great addition to any home or business, and can really set you apart from the crowd. Like your new aquarium, the conversation will flow as your customers and clients admire your installation. The best kind of icebreaker. Don’t you think?




Put your trust in Aqua Heaven Plymouth and you won’t be disappointed. 


You will experience the very highest level of service and will be left with lifelong bliss in the form of your new Aquarium or Pond. 


Take full advantage of our professional experience and expertise. Qualified in Aquarium Management, we can help guide you as you try and envision your new aquarium. Whether you know exactly what you want, or are happy for us to let our imagination run free, one thing is for certain…


We will build a stunning installation fit for your home, business or outside space. 


Whether you need guidance with purchasing the right fish, or want to ensure your tank is kept spick and span, we’ve got you covered and want you to have a stress-free experience, every step of the way.


Ready to make your dream aquarium a reality? Get in touch, we’re eager to get started.


Have a vision but are not sure what steps you need to take to achieve it? 


We’re here to help, advise and guide you in any way we can. 


Take a look at our services below. See something that catches your eye, or can’t quite find what you’re looking for? Be sure to contact me if you have any questions, special requests or simply want to get started ASAP. 


At Aqua Heaven Plymouth we’ll do everything to make your artistic vision a reality.


What's Being Said

1st rate service from Justin, tank always looks amazing when hes finished cleaning. always ready to give advice and tips. Highly Recommend.

Gary Yhuprum

Good Morning Justin, thank you we are bothr really pleased with the new pond. We love sitting next too the pond with a glass of wine in the evening now.

Gill Plaice

Really happy and such friendly service, Justin even threw the ball for the dog when he dropped it in the pond! Thank you..

Sue Penrose

Aquarium Installation and Maintenance

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